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Permit costs vary based on the permit types. Typically, if you plan to be on campus for one day, it’s cheaper to pay the hourly rate. If you come to campus two or more days weekly, semester permit options may be less expensive overall.

Take our parking quiz to see our recommended permit options for you.

No. Your permit is associated with a particular lot(s) or deck. There is not a specific space in that lot or deck that is assigned to you. For the reserved lots and parking decks, the number of permits sold ensures that you will have a space in the lot or deck under regular conditions.

No. A parking permit is for a designated area (e.g., Lot I permit holders can park at a non-restricted parking space in Lot I at all times), and each permit has specific regulations about where it can be used. For details on all parking permits and their associated regulations, please visit: Where is my permit valid?

A vehicle that requires a license plate must be included as a vehicle on a parking permit.

If only driving a motorcycle, a specific motorcycle permit should be purchased in the Parking Services office. Motorcycles and scooters requiring license plates should park in designated motorcycle areas around campus.

An electric scooter does not require a parking permit but must be parked at a bike rack.

Please note: electric vehicles – scooters, skateboards, bikes, etc – cannot be stored or charged indoors in a residence hall or any Mason building. If you register your scooter or bike with Parking and Transportation, you may charge them at designated outdoor outlets. Please see for details (scroll down on the biking resources tab).

Not yet. Fall 2024 parking permits will be available online at at the end of July. The start date for purchase depends upon your class standing:

  • Graduate students and seniors: Coming Soon
  • Sophomores and Juniors: Coming Soon
  • Freshman: Coming Soon

No. Parking permits are only available on a by-semester basis.

Resident students may have one car on their virtual permit.

Non-resident students may have up to two cars on their virtual permit, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at a time.

There is transportation to the Mason Square, SciTech, and Fairfax campuses, but when you arrive, you generally get around campus by walking.

On the Fairfax campus, you also have access to

Mason Shuttles is free with your Mason ID so it would be cheaper to use rather than purchasing a parking permit.

We also encourage carpooling among our students, faculty, and staff with an opportunity for permit rebates, carpool zones, and complimentary parking permits. To assist in finding a ride or sharing a ride, visit

Yes, off-campus students can purchase any meal plan, but we recommend the Dining Dollar and Patriot plans. 

Dining Dollars are tax-exempt, so you save 6% by spending with them versus a credit or debit card. They can be spent at any retail dining location on campus, such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, The Halal Guys, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, Blaze Pizza, and more!

All Independence, Liberty, and Patriot meal plans start with $100 Dining Dollars, which are used at our retail locations, such as Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, etc. You can also use them to deliver on Starship and GrubHub.

Dining Dollars $100 is the default selection and will be assigned if no amount is specified. Dining Dollars options are $100 $200 $350 $500.

Yes! Just download our Everyday app to see:

  • Nutritional info  
  • Filter options by allergies and preferences 
  • Location-specific options  

Overall, our meal plans are built based on different lifestyles and preferences. Some are smaller, fitting the commuter lifestyle, and others are abundant for those living on campus with no kitchen access.

Take our dining meal plan quiz to find out what the best meal plan is for you.

The dining hall at-door price is listed below:

  • Breakfast – $10.50 
  • Lunch – $12.00
  • Dinner $13.00

With a meal plan, you can save up to 20% per meal cost depending on the meal plan options.

You may select/change your meal plan at the Online Mason Card Office. The meal plan is due on the first day of school via the Student Account Portal. Payment plans are available for monthly installments.

Mason ID & Mason Money

Mason Mobile ID—Download the “Atrium Campus Connect App” and log in with your Mason Net ID to add your Mason ID to your mobile wallet. See detailed instructions here.

Physical Mason ID—Bring a government-issued photo ID to Student Union Building I, Suite 1203. See office hours here.

Visit Student Union Building I, Suite 1203, to get your photos taken. See office hours here.

You may also upload your photo online. Log in to the Online Mason Card Office and upload one valid government-issued photo ID and one headshot that meets the photo guidelines.

Yes. Both Mason Mobile ID and the physical ID card provide the same access level and capabilities around campus.

You may choose between a physical Mason ID card and the Mason Mobile ID. Once users activate their Mason Mobile IDs online, their existing physical Mason ID cards will automatically deactivate or vice versa.

Mason ID is required for many campus services, including meal plans, printers, library or equipment rentals, fitness facilities, Mason shuttles, major events, and so much more! We strongly encourage all students to obtain their Mason ID for easy access to services around campus.

You can deposit Mason Money to your Mason ID online, in mobile apps, or in person. Click here for detailed instructions on depositing Mason Money to your Mason ID.

Mason Money can be used for on-campus services and off-campus Mason Merchant locations.

You may select/change your meal plan at the Online Mason Card Office. The meal plan is due on the first day of school via the Student Account Portal. Payment plans are available for monthly installments.

On-Campus Students: All students living on campus are automatically assigned to a personal mailbox.

Off-Campus Students: You may rent a personal mailbox for $25 (6 months) or $40 (12 months). Visit the Mailroom in Hub ground level with a payment method of Mason Money or credit/debit card. We do not accept cash payments.

You can pick up your packages from smart lockers at the Mail Hub, located on the Hub’s lower level.

When we receive your mail or packages from your carriers, we will notify you by email or text with the locker number and a unique one-time code to retrieve the package.

To send mail or packages to campus, use the below format:

First Name, Last Name
4450 Rivanna River Way #Mailbox Number
Fairfax, VA 22030

All on-campus residents will automatically receive a personal mailbox number via email. Off-campus students may rent a mailbox for $25 (6 months) or $40 (12 months).

To send mail or packages to campus, use the below format:

First Name, Last Name
4450 Rivanna River Way #Mailbox Number
Fairfax, VA 22030

  • When sending mail or packages, write the student’s name as shown on their Mason ID. Nicknames or names that do not match may result in mail being returned.
  • It is also important to include their specific mailbox number, as shown above. Be careful NOT to mark this mailbox as a PO Box. The student mailboxes are not PO boxes.

It’s optional to bring your own printers. We have printers with 24-hour printing access available in all housing neighborhoods and numerous locations around campus.

Printing costs are $0.10/page for black and white and $0.25/page for color. Deposit Mason Money to your Mason ID, and you can tap and print anywhere.

There are three ways to print:

All print requests can be fulfilled through any of the pay-for-print devices across the campus. When you are ready to print, simply tap your Mason ID to release the job.

Patriot Perks

Yes. Many companies offer student pricing or discounts with your school email. Signup guidelines and processes vary. Please check individual service providers for details.

The perks are a lifetime for our Mason community. With your Mason ID or Alumni Association Member Card, you can continue getting discounts from selected businesses. Check discount eligibility under each listing.